Quality Control

We are engaged in research and analysis to produce globally compatible world class IT products and found that the MTECH quality is the best among all Compatible Toner in Bangladesh


Difference between MTECH & Other Compatible Toner:

  • MTECH printout more clear than Others
  • MTECH print white in black more sharp than Others
  • When print full page black printout MTECH has no shed but Other has shed and lines
  • MTECH toner Drum is better quality than Other
  • MTECH toner has Plastic Bag+Black Airbag packing but Other has only Black Airbag
  • MTECH toner Port is bigger than Other and fill more powder
  • MTECH Toner weight is 0.788kg but Other is less than 0.753kg (MTECH has 35 gram above more powder than other)